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In part #1 of our Fairfied County Home Inspection blog series, We discussed insulation as a step to help prevent ice damming at your Fairfield County home, lets talk about heat loss from the living space into the attic.  There can be a tremendous amount of warm, moist air that can enter the attic through a variety of small openings, especially in the cold CT winter months.


Think about the ceiling between the living space and the attic space, and how many openings there may be that you can, or even cannot, see. The small gaps around recessed lights, gaps around ceiling mounted duct registers, bathroom exhaust fans, plumbing vent pipes, and many other areas can be sealed to help restrict warm air from entering the attic. One of the biggest culprits are attic access hatches or pull down stairs.  Those key access points should be also insulated and weather stripped for increased efficiency and to prevent heat loss.  For pull down stairs, you could construct a rigid foam board box that can sit over the ladder, or buy a pre-made attic stair insulation cover.  Our home in Fairfield, CT has an attic hatch in the hallway in our house, and I cut multiple sections of rigid foam board which was stacked atop the hatch.  I secured it with adhesive, then finished with a weatherstripping around the opening.


A home energy/insulation specialist right in the Fairfield area will be able to evaluate and offer the best possible solutions for increasing insulation and better sealing your attic space from the living area below, thus helping one of the areas to prevent ice damming.  They would also be qualified to run a blower door test to evaluate the airtightness of your ceiling.  I would recommend obtaining at least three estimates from such a company and making sure to seal up that attic space.  Next up we’ll talk about ventilation.


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