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EPA Declares January National Radon Action Month

Jan 27, 2016 | Home Buying, Home Safety, Radon

The EPA has declared January National Radon Action Month to bring awareness to the importance of radon and radon testing.  While Radon Action Month has a tough act to follow after the holiday season in December and January, it should be celebrated in its own right.  I don’t mean “let’s gather round the radon canisters in the basement for two days!” sort of celebration, but certainly an opportunity to open dialogue, share information, and even offer up discounted radon testing.  January is a great month for testing radon in the Northeast as the cold weather allows for a house to maintain those closed conditions required during a radon test.  I think one thing that sometimes clients and their agents may be confused about is that the EPA has set different protocols for testing when it is for a real estate transaction, and when it is for non-real estate situations.  Careful consideration should be made when setting up the test on what the actual context of the test is.  If you haven’t had a test in a while, or ever, there’s still time to be a part of National Radon Action Month.